San Francisco is a great proving ground for all sorts of interstitial projects, and Pandora's Trunk is no exception. Pandora came to life in an underground warehouse in 2006. By the end of the year the project had outgrown its first home and relocated to Mina Dresden Gallery. After a successful run in the art gallery, Pandora settled at 544 Haight St. (That space, now Trunk, is still going strong.) Pandora is embracing her mercurial nature and flitting from place to place, gathering in lovers and haters alike in SoMa, the Mission, Castro, Noe, Potrero... maybe down the street from your house?

Rachel is the captain of this uneven ship, having spent years making magical things happen in theatres across the country. After producing music and performance-oriented events in the Bay Area, she wanted more. Why couldn't the type of artistic and artisanal work that she did be the focus of an event that went broader than simple commerce? It can.

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